Virginia Beach Kung Fu & Tai Chi

Kids Kung Fu

Our Youth Martial Arts program is not a sport activity, but instead an educational program that can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime. The lessons we teach will...

  • Promote Perseverance & Resilience thru Challenges
  • Instill Teamwork & Social Skills
  • Develop Good Practice Habits
  • Encourage Focus & Self Control
  • Set, Achieve, & Exceed Personal Fitness Goals

We use the techniques of the old Shaolin Kung Fu masters to instill in each child the attributes of Focus and Discipline. They knew back then (500 ad) that these attributes had to be mastered first, if the children under their care were going to be successful. The old Shaolin Kung Fu Masters of the past were the educators of the time. They taught kung fu, medicine, reading and writing.
Our Kids Kung Fu (10 years and up) is an extraordinary program that uses these ancient traditions with a modern and updated appropriate curriculum designed for your child.


Classes Meet:

Wednesdays & Fridays at 5:45 PM